The SOLID principles were first conceptualized by Robert C. Martin in his 2000 paper, Design Principles and Design Patterns. These concepts were later built upon by Michael Feathers, who introduced us to the SOLID acronym. …

Logs are often known as one of the three pillars of observability. They are great for debugging code running in production. However they can also create a lot of data and noise. You want to have deep insight into your application but at the same time you only care about…

Quartz is an open source Java library for scheduling Jobs. It has a very rich set of features including but not limited to persistent Jobs, transactions, and clustering.

You can schedule Jobs to be executed at a certain time of day, or periodically at a certain interval, and much more…

The ConcurrentModificationException occurs when an object is tried to be modified concurrently when it is not permissible. This exception usually comes when one is working with Java Collection classes.

For Example : It is not permissible for a thread to modify a Collection when some other thread is iterating over…

CQRS stands for Command Query Responsibility Segregation. As the name suggests, we split the application into two parts: Command-Side and Query-Side. Now, one will ask, what do “command” and “query” mean?

  • Commands change the state of the object or entity, also called modifiers or mutators.
  • Queries return the state of…

To avoid apparent setbacks in Software Development, engineers keep reinventing the wheel time and again. However, the process of developing a bug-free, scalable, high-performing, and enterprise-level web app needs much more than that. For example, a tried and tested outline like the 12 Factor App.

Now, what does the term…

DAO Layer

Que 1 : Why do we use DTO and DAO, and when should we use them ? If you are developing a GUI Java software to do with inserting, editing, deleting data. But you are struggling to distinguish between DTO/DAO and Model, View, Controller (MVC) Structure? …

What is a Thread ?

Thread is the path of execution in application. Applications can have multiple threads which are executed in parallel. In Java, threads are instances of java.lang.Thread class or subclasses which extend the Thread class. Every thread has priority (min. 1, max. 10) which is used by Thread Scheduler to determine the…

Let’s build the simplest Java Spring Boot application that runs as a pod in a Kubernetes cluster

The Project’s Structure:

├── Dockerfile
├── build.gradle
├── gradle
│ └── wrapper
│ ├── gradle-wrapper.jar
│ └──
├── gradlew
├── k8s
│ └── depl.yaml
├── settings.gradle
└── src
└── main
└── java
└── hello

Our is the entry point of the application:

The code above contains the…

All major server side languages support concurrency (concurrent requests) using multi thread or multi process programming like Java, .Net, Ruby & PHP, etc, until Event driven model becomes popular.

Node JS uses single thread event loop model architecture to support concurrency. All incoming request handled by single thread & shared…

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Programming isn’t about what you know; it’s about what you can figure out.

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